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    Nitr-OX is the typically innovative AD way of redefining the pre-workout 'pump' market. We all know that most of these products claim to induce nitric-oxide production - delivering greater pumps, nutrients and oxygen to the muscles throughout your session - but so few actually achieve this. Why, you ask? The answer is simply a lack of effective ingredients in proven dosages because they aren't realistically cheap to do. Combine this with the fact many companies would rather mentally send you round the twist to con you into thinking you're getting a good workout, and you can see why the lack of emphasis on real performance enhancing ingredients has been dwindling in recent years. Nitr-OX solves this by pitting the powerful performance enhancing effects of citrulline malate with a mineral complex that ensures consistently better muscular contractions and increased aerobic and anaerobic capacities.
    • A high octane pre-workout focused on optimizing brain function. It’s time to flick the switch on neurotransmitters and unlock the key to intensity with Stampede’s Untamed’s powerful Performance & Energy Blends.
    • Stampede Untamed’s Energy Blend delivers the most intense, long-lasting focus and mental clarity you’ll ever experience. Cultivate the mindset of a champion from the first serving and dominate your workouts.
    • The Performance Blend amplifies muscular contractions, fights fatigue from every corner and delivers blistering pumps and roadmap vascularity.
    “We’ve done it again with Stampede Untamed. But at this stage, revolutionizing the supplement industry is starting to feel normal. A blistering combination of clever compounds that amplify neurotransmitter activity, allow you to “get in the zone” like no other product ever created. Just clean, unrelenting swathes of energy that allow you to smash PB’s like never before, without any anxiety or crash. All backed up by a meticulous performance blend that covers key mineral deficiencies and works in synergy with our other products to create the best training sessions you’ll ever experience. Another game-changer for the hard working athlete to take their performance to the next level.”