Amino Acids

//Amino Acids
  • AminoTaur is fortified with the elusive 5:1:1 precision blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids, containing a whopping 5grams of the protein synthesis powerhouse L-leucine. By being directly ingested to skeletal muscle tissue, BCAA's increase the rate of tissue building and repair, as well as supercharging your workout performance by fighting off catabolism. In addition to its formidable BCAA content, AminoTaur is backed up by a further 6grams of Essential Amino Acids, that are able to forcibly improve muscle growth, annihilate catabolism in its tracks and even significantly enhance your rate of fat burning. That's a colossal 13grams of amino acids altogether within the formula! AminoTaur is ideal to sip on both before and during your workout, substantially increasing your performance in the gym and out of it as well. Better yet, sip some between meals outside of training to increase protein turnover and reduce DOMS – it's one of the first in its field that is a genuine pleasure to drink! Flavour: Sour Berry