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Popular Fitness Myths

Popular Fitness Myths

In the era of internet there are thousands of coaches and experts (sometimes self-proclaimed) who have thousands of theories about health, fitness and best ways to get lean without losing muscle. Let’s take a look at a few myths you shouldn’t be fooled by.

Myth # 1: Cardio Is Best for Fat Loss

Most people believe that performing steady pace cardio for long periods of time is the best way to lose fat and lean out.
Ultimately, a moderate amount of cardio will help lose fat. It will simply increase your calorie deficit. But be careful not to overdo it as this could lead to muscle loss.

Myth # 2: Spot Reduction

Wraps, corsets and a million crunches a day! Surely this will help you lose stubborn belly fat. WRONG. There is no such thing as spot reduction. Diet is key so keep it on point and exercise regularly and eventually you will get there. But don’t get caught in the ‘lose belly fat in 5 days’ schemes.

Myth # 3: You Shouldn’t Eat After 6PM

In reality the amount of calories consumed and not the timing, will determine whether you will lose or gain fat. Most of all, you should worry about the macro and micronutrients necessary to keep your body running smoothly. Timing is of secondary importance.
A recent study by Italian researches compared eating in the morning to eating in the evening. The result showed no difference in weight loss between the two groups, but fat burning was actually higher in people who ate a meal in the evening.

Myth # 4: Eating Every 2-3 Hours Speeds Up Your Metabolism

Many people preach that small, frequent meals increase your metabolic rate, which is true. But that does not necessarily promote fat loss.
Recent studies concluded that groups of people eating the same amount of calories divided into 5 small, or 3 larger meals didn’t show differences in fat burning. Of course, eating often is necessary for muscle growth and retention which in turn increases your metabolic rate.

Myth # 5: Fasted Cardio is Necessary to Lose Fat

Training fasted is ok if that’s what you prefer and it works for you. However training hungry puts you at risk of losing lean muscle mass and we have already mentioned why you don’t want to do that. Training in the morning is not any more effective than regular cardio. What really matters is that you train regularly, intensely and consistently. People like believing in ‘secret’ ways to lose fat that are super-efficient and superior to others. Sorry, I have to disappoint – you will have to work hard for a lean body – day or night! Not to mention that when you train hungry you put yourself at risk of feeling nauseous and even fainting.

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