Olympia 2016 Recap | What Pissed Arnold Off

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Olympia 2016 Recap | What Pissed Arnold Off


I realised the other day that I forgot to upload this blog and share these observations with having such a busy end of the year here.

Having been at the 2016 Mr. Olympia finals, I had a few observations worth sharing with my fellow fitness freaks. I feel myself and Arnold share some really valid views connected more to the Golden Era of Bodybuilding.

First of all, sadly, the era of aesthetics as seen in the times of Arnold and Frank Zane is definitely long gone. The ever-present huge guts look quite grotesque and the fact that the contestants are able to control them for front poses (some better than others) is even more freaky. So yes, even though I’m a bodybuilding lover, it is nowadays, more of a freak show than a show of athleticism. The legs are so overgrown that these gentlemen can’t walk normally and it all looks quite bizarre and uncomfortable.

Secondly, as Arnold Schwarzenegger pointed out – at this, world-class stage there mustn’t be any shaking! Well, some of the competitors clearly didn’t get the memo. Big Ramy and Roelly Winklaar had the most shaking difficulties while posing during the finals and Roally was drowning in sweat and his tan running which didn’t look very pro and I can’t help but wonder if it affected his low placement. His physique did look impressive, though somewhat blocky.

Phil Heath, appropriately for the ruling king – did not shake once. His posing was pretty much spotless apart from some gut issues. Ramy’s physique was almost just as impressive (some even say better) but his posing wasn’t as spot on and he kept cramping and shaking. He is, definitely, a candidate for the Sandow in the future, though.

Thirdly, Shawn Rhoden, wow! On Saturday night, he looked incredible and probably more aesthetic than most of the finalists. His delts looked humongous in the most muscular pose. Some people were truly disappointed that he didn’t win, others thought Ramy bested Phil but one thing is for sure – at the very moment of the announcement – the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger got up from his front row seat and left immediately. Coincidence? Perhaps, but there sure was a lot of speculation about politics that are ruling the industry and The Oak being against it.

Seeing Arnold in real life was a dream come true and the special guest – The Rock who gave a cool motivational speech was a bonus! Dwayne handing Phil the Sandow may have been a mistake, though, since he dwarfed the ruling King.

William Bonac was the surprise of the show right from the start and he looked magnificent. I however can’t help but like the taller guys who look absolutely gigantic, such as the young giant Dallas Mccarver.

All in all, it was fun to watch but not quite the cliffhanger you’d like it to be. The only reason I was on the edge of my seat is to see Arnold better (and boy, does he still look great!). My least favorite part of the show was Kevin Levrone’s comeback – not sure what the point was.

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