How to Beat Cravings During Fitness Competition Prep

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How to Beat Cravings During Fitness Competition Prep

A short-term cutting or prep diet is required when you’re planning for a bodybuilding, modelling or any physique show. The closer the show the more low-carb you probably go, with anything that can cause water retention or bloating removed. There is, however, another problem which could emerge: cravings.
Cravings for sugar, bread, cereals, pasta and other carbs is something we all at one time or another find ourselves struggling, especially during periods of extreme restriction. With the right tips, one can easily beat the cravings in the short term and take part in the competition prep.

Invest in a tasty protein powder

A high quality protein powder (your favourite flavour) is all you need. Gourmet vanilla taken with iced coffee is an amazing meal to help you keep your cravings at bay. You could whisk a low fat greek yoghurt with some protein powder to make a delicious pudding – protein fluff. Or, add it to your oatmeal for another delicious treat. Research is actually on your side. It shows that eating sufficient protein every day will keep you from getting hungry.
Have you ever tried protein waffles? When it comes to the choice for recipes, a protein scoop, an egg and a little baking powder are all the ingredients you need to make a waffle. The waffle is a low-carb option that will help with cravings during your competition prep. You can choose to be creative and make protein pancakes using the same kind of batter. A protein mug cake with a scoop of low-calorie ice cream such as Halo-Top will make a great post-workout meal.

Meal preps

If you’re prepping for an event, you’re probably no stranger to meal prep. You may love it or hate it but admit: it’s a life saver. Calculate you macros, weigh, pack and take read of this little blog I wrote previously: Why Meal Planning Equals Winning

Seasonings and spices

There is a wide variety of seasonings and spices that you can use in your healthy treat recipes. Ensure that you have at hand paprika, turmeric, ginger and black pepper. They all make a great alternative to other ingredients which only increase your cravings for salt and sugar based foods.

Stick to your nutrition plan and be patient

The temptation to quit may appear as you approach the end of the prep. Many people fall along the way. However, the only way to make the cravings subside is to be steadfast is to hold on your meal plans. You will be pleased to learn that the longer you will hold onto your meal plan, the easier it will be to beat the cravings

Feed you craving

One cookie is not going to kill you. If you find it irresistible, just eat it. There is nothing wrong that will happen. Deprivation is actually what is harmful. A small cheat meal will help re-start your metabolism.


Now, to really get to grips with your competition prep, nothing beats being accountable to a trained coach who can keep an eye on your progress day by day, make alterations on the fly to your macros and keep you dialled in, on point, and accountable daily. If you’re in need of competition prep & coaching, drop me an email or a message over on Facebook, and let’s see how we can work together in your success. Contact Jim here.

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