How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

As we move into the year, and spring is coming, it seems that the gyms are slowly becoming quieter and the madness of January’s New Years resolutions are becoming a distant memory for most people. Are your bad habits hard to beat? Do you want to change something in your life, fitness or physique? Motivation is key to achieve this but how to stay motivated is humanity’s greatest secret.
I’m not gonna lie. Whether you are bulking, leaning out, losing fat, training for a marathon or anything else it will be hard. There will be times of struggle and doubt. Even world famous athletes admit to moments of weakness. But here are a few rules to remember which will help you stay focused in your physique goals this year.

1. Set a goal and visualize it

I don’t care if you need to photoshop your face on to a fitness model’s body and hang it on your fridge or if you watch motivational videos 24/7. The point is to imagine the ultimate reward – the desired self and think of it as your definite future self.

2. Divide your goals into smaller chunks

Everybody needs a plan. If you choose to improvise, you will probably fail. Write down a plan, a timeframe and track progress. It’s crucial to celebrate every success – this way you deliver the desired spike of dopamine to your brain and motivate it even further to work hard.

3. Work

Do not expect miracles. Face the fact that you have to work for your own success. I guarantee that if you work super hard – you will start loving the work after as little as 2 or 3 weeks. Make your goal your priority, don’t listen to criticism and stay focused on making your desired self your actual future self!

4. Feedback

Write down how you feel after every single workout. This way you can refer back to this message to yourself any time you feel demotivated or steering away from the hard work. You’ll be reminded of exactly how good it felt the last time you worked out, and the benefits of why you started in the first place. Feedback to yourself completely honestly and you are half way there.


5. Hire a Professional Coach

Accountability is a big thing. Having a coach there to motivate you, and keep you accountable both in person and with the financial commitment is a very, very powerful factor to helping you achieve your results. Not only is a coach there to keep you motivated, but a good one will help you navigate any of the obstacles people normally face themselves, and at the same time, help you achieve your results much, much faster than if you go it alone.

I’m available currently to take on more clients, and if you’re interested in being coached by myself to help you achieve your fitness goals and aspirations – contact me directly. Jim Benskin coaching.

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