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Healthy Diet or Eating Disorder – Spot the Line

New Year – New Diet…

Everywhere you go nowadays, there is a rising wakefulness on the essence of healthy eating which makes everyone eat obsessively. Fitness communities continue to bash the members brains over healthy and clean eating until many are obsessed. Of course, it is a good idea to eat healthy, follow a particular pattern of eating just to be physically fit but sometimes these habits become obsessions that can even threaten the individual’s mental and physical health. In many instances, people may look and seem perfectly fine but deep down they are suffering from something they can not even explain. In fact, in 1996, this problem became so significant that Dr. Steven Bratman invented a term for his health-obsessed patients.


Orthorexia Nervosa – now although it is not yet officially medically identified, symbolises any symptoms associated with an unhealthy obsession with otherwise healthy eating and lifestyle. Orthorexia starts out as a simple harmless desire just to eat healthier and keep fit, but sooner than expected Orthorexics become concentrated and attached to food quality and purity.  They begin to pay excess and abnormal attention on certain quantities and ways of dealing with cheating (sometimes dangerously similar to the binge-purge disorder). They (orthorexics) even consider beating temptation as a moral triumph – it makes them feel good with themselves like they have fulfilled a kind of righteousness… Being in control of your life, is the best way to deal with any kind of eating disorder and orthorexia is not excluded.
In irony, healthy eating can soon become a life changing issue (in emotional terms, mostly). Orthorexics even go as far as denying themselves certain foods, thereby denying the body of some essential vitamins and minerals. Not only do they end up with physical issues, orthorexics also end up losing friends and even interests in other areas of life.

Alarming Behaviors
How do you caution yourself or someone you know, who might be paying too much attention to their diet a little too closely? If you realise that you are caring more than normal, and you worry a lot about what to eat or how to eat or even when to eat what, maybe it’s time you seek help. When you eat something you consider unclean, do you feel bad with yourself? Do you place your happiness in what you eat and feel terrible when you can’t? Please talk to a doctor as soon as possible or perhaps a therapist who will help you work through the problem. Relax and review your emotions, take care of those things that has been giving you concern for years, this way you can deal with any diet obsession or eating disorder.

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